This is Real Life…. A pregnant girls rant.

Obviously everyone already knows that I am so pregnant. I just decided to make a blog sometime in the last hour. So hear goes.

I totally got all my inspiration from the skinny bitches on Pinterest. You know the ones with the pretty little chalkboards with drawings of cantaloupes and pictures of their perfectly curled hair in their nothing but adorable dresses. Yeah, those ones. Ugh. I cannot even flip my hair upside down to put it in an ugly white trash girl bun without puking. Lucky them.

I am nauseous every second of all day. My five year old smells like grass from playing outside and  I almost threw up all over him. My baby is only the size of a cherry and he/she is already running shit. I cannot poop. I am also on bed rest. Thank you body for the low lying cervix that makes me bleed non stop and totally had me convinced that I had a miscarriage. Not a funny joke at all btw.

Eleven days so far on bed rest. All I do is read PerezHilton and BuzzFeed,  watch The Walking Dead, and eat LifeSavers mints non-stop to keep me from puking every time anyone walks past my bedroom. Why? Why me? I want to have pretty hair also. It isn’t fair. I am lucky if I even remember to brush my hair everyday. I am not glowing either. I just want to point that out. People lie. Pregnancy is not easy. At least not for me. But in the end my little worm will be here and I will be doing nothing but stare at my precious babylove. Pregnancy is so hard. But worth it. I just have to remind myself of that nine million times a day.